Kumburk Castle

The history of the castle dates back to the early 14th century. Today, Kumburk is one of the most romantic and interesting castle ruins in the Bohemian Paradise. From the top wooden lookout you can enjoy a wonderful view of Jičín, Veliš, Zebín, Prachov, Bradlec, Tábor, Kozákov, Ještěd, Podkrkonoší, Krkonoše, Náchodsko, Orlické hory and nearby Zvičina.

Trosky Castle

Trosky became the main symbol of the Bohemian Paradise. From the Baba and Panna towers, beautiful views of the picturesque landscape of the Bohemian Paradise and the surrounding regions are offered. Around Trosky there are places to see, which are worth visiting. Here you can find places frozen in time. So here you can see the history of the region and maybe even understand how people and nature worked in the past. In this area the most beautiful lakes in Bohemian Paradise (Věžák, Nebák, Vidlák) are hiding.


Bozkov Caves

They are a popular tourist destination and are one of the most visited places in the Bohemian Paradise. The caves are characterized by the occurrence of quartz platforms, ledges and shapes, but they also have stalactites and calsium carbonate decorations. The highlight is water areas formed by small lakes. and at the end of the tour the largest underground lake in Bohemia with crystal blue-green water awaits you.

Vranov Castle

We should not miss the largest rock castle in Bohemia, Vranov often referred to as the Pantheon. It is located on a steep cliff above the river Jizera above the village of Malá Skála. It is considered the most complicated rock castle in Bohemia. Shakespeare, Goethe, Cervantes and many others have found their place here.

Sychrov Chateau

Served as a residence of the French Rohan family, where the fairytales Zlatovláska and Nesmrtelná teta were filmed. The Castle is open to the public to a significant extent so this tour will provide visitors with a perfect idea of how life used to be for rich aristocratic family in the second half of the 19th century.

Drábské světničky

A Rock Castle founded in the 13th Century for guard purposes. Wooden buildings on rock blocks were connected by bridges and staircases 18 preserved rooms and 6 preserved corridors carved in the rock were completed with wooden superstructures and palisades. Along the way there are a lot of view. You will see a part of northern Bohemia from Bezděz Castle, through the forested area of ​​Klokočky, the Jizera Mountains ridge to the Krkonoše Mountains.

Mnichovo Hradiště Chateau

A library of 22,000 volumes, administered by Giacomo Casanova was transported to the castle from Duchcov. In the castle there is an amosphere from the 18th century. For children, the castle is ready with a

special fairytale tour about two knights and the owner of the castle Vincenci of Valdštejn.


The Appearance of Valečov castle was heavily influenced by the sandstone rocks, in which it was partly built. The bailey, rock dwellings, prison and dungeon are interesting.

You can look at the castle core with a brick palace, rock chambers, corridors. The beautiful view is enhanced with the possibility of using a coin operated telescope. You will surely enjoy a pleasant through the surrounding nature with magnificent views.

Kost Castle

The Popular legend says that the castle got the name Kost, because it was not conquered more than once, as it was as hard as bone. It is one of the most well-preserved, most important and at the same time last medieval castles in the Czech Republic.

Humprecht Chateau

Few castles have been so celebrated by poets as Humprecht. It Is a truly remarkable building decorated with the Turkish crescent with a unique hall 16 meters high. The hall has unigue acoustics.

Visitors can try the sixfold echo themselves.

Staré Hrady Castle

You can look forward to guides playing fairy-tale charaters. A real beautiful princess, a misbehaving waterman or even a real witch or a devil will Guide you through the Castle from the basement to the attic. You won’t get bored with them. In Addition to a lot of fairytale friends, puzzles, competitions and games there is a bag of hellishly-good candies waiting for you and maybe something else!

Prachov Rocks

The most famous part of the Bohemian Paradise is undoubtedly Prachov Rocks. A paradise for mountaineers.where hiking trails and tips for a trip are not in short supply. The local tourism has roots that go far into the past. Beautiful landscape and many tourism possibilities are some of the advantages of this beautiful area.

Valdštejn a Hruboskalsko

There are many surprises waiting for you. During the summer holidays you can be shown around by a local Robin Knight. You can also become participants in a mysterious night tour, experience the bat night or get acquainted with the Duke Albrecht of Valdštejn himself. . All day fencing performances, programmes for children, concerts, theatrical performances and many other events Await You. Between the castles of Valdštejn and Hrubá skála is located in the Hruboskalsko area, which is ideal for walking. The highest and most famous rock towers of this rock city are Kapelník and Taktovka, Maják, Dračí zub and Dračí věž.


It is the highest mountain in the Czech Republic (1605 meters above sea level). Thanks to its height, it provides unlimited panoramic views of the distant landscape.

The Czech/Polish border runs across the summit.. The name Sněžka dates back to the 19th century and is derived from the name Snowy – as in “snow covered.” The first Czech name was Pahrbek Sněžný, then Sněžovka, and since 1823 Sněžka.